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Re: (TFT)HealingspellsinTFT.-Revivalandextrastrengthheal

In a message dated 9/2/2003 12:34:45 PM Central Daylight Time, 
johnnyboytmm@juno.com writes:

> I think I like the idea of the revival/Health combo, I may incorporate that 
as well.
> One question though, what about revival potions?  Do they heal as well, and 
> they help a limb grow back?  It will be a long time before my party can 
> one, but indentured servitude to an alchemist is alwqays an option.

Yes, I've changed the revival potion to match the new spell. 

FWIW, here are my current healing rules for "ordinary" damage: 

Healing Regular Damage: 
Basic, naive treatment of injuries (cleaning & bandaging wounds, etc.) allows 
an injured character to heal a number of points of damage equal to one-third 
his base St score each day. For ease of book-keeping, apply the daily recovery 
when the character wakes up to begin his day. If it has been less than 12 
hours since the injury was first treated (e.g. because the injury is less than 12 
hours old), then the character will heal only half the usual amount.

Using medicines when treating injuries will increase the healing rate. 
Medicines must be compounded from medicinal elixirs, or from (non-magical) healing 
herbs, and then used at once. Medicines compounded and applied by a 
non-Physicker will heal 1 extra point of damage when the character recovers, medicines 
compounded and applied by a Physicker will heal 2 extra points, and medicines 
compounded and applied by a Master Physicker will heal 3 extra points of damage. 
It takes 10 minutes to compound a dose of medicines, and a new dose of 
medicines must be compounded and applied each day. 

Normally, medicines are compounded using a physickerbs kit. If using 
improvised equipment (e.g. a mess kit or kitchen utensils), roll 3 dice against either 
the Dx or the IQ of the healer, whichever is lower. A failed roll indicates 
that the medicinal elixirs or healing herbs are lost and no medicine produced. 

A physickerbs kit can also provide immediate healing when a character is 
first injured. A non-physicker can heal 1 point of damage with a physickerbs kit, 
a Physicker can heal 2 points, and a Master Physicker can heal 3 points. This 
immediate healing does not require the use of medicines, but it can only be 
applied once per character after each combat, and will always leave at least one 
point of damage unhealed. 

Treating injuries, compounding medicines, or doing both at once takes 10 
minutes per patient. Note that characters can treat their own injuries. 

Magic can heal damage instantly. A dose of magical Healing Potion will 
instantly heal 1d+1 points of damage. A Health spell or a dose of Life Potion will 
instantly heal all of an injured characterbs damage. 

Erol K. Bayburt
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