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Re: (TFT)HealingspellsinTFT.-Revivalandextrastrengthheal

------------- ErolB1@aol.com wrote:----------------------

Yes, I've changed the revival potion to match the new spell. 

FWIW, here are my current healing rules for "ordinary" damage: 

Healing Regular Damage: 
Basic, naive treatment of injuries (cleaning & bandaging wounds, etc.) allows 
an injured character to heal a number of points of damage equal to one-third 
his base St score each day. 


    You are WAY more generous with natural healing than I am.  I thought I was being nice letting them heal 1 pt per day of rest (no work or adventuring) under the care of an appropriately equipt physicker.  I do seem to recall the ST 25 dwarf needing ALOT of rest, but if you want a "wall of dwarf" in front of you in combat, you have to support him while he rests up.  For beginning characters a week or 2 is usually enough.

I like the revival changes, alot.  But I just can't bring myself to speed up natural healing any further.


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