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(TFT) wagons and loot in TFT.

--------- Stan <srydzews@ix.netcom.com> wrote:-------------
Neil Gilmore wrote:
> You're pretty generous, allowng so much loot that it takes a wagon...

Kinda depends on what the loot is.  A wagon-load of rusty orc weapons and three 
barrels of Old Everholt may be all they could find.

My group has a wagon as well, mostly because they need to haul rations with them.  It is heavy to carry rations for 6 weeks on your person, in addition to your adventuring gear.  

And also you dont always get portable loot from me.  The booty might be modestly well made rugs or tapestries, or spears, a barrel of olive oil and farm implements.  Or my personal favorite, a crate of writing paper - The scholar in the party would not let the group sell it, he wanted to hoard it for his own use.

As an added bonus, the care and feeding of 2 mules uses up a fair amount of resourses.


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