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Re: (TFT) toxicology

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The thing that I found frustrating as a GM is a situation such as this:

some form of shapeshifter/spy/assassin/whatever is following the party
undetected and wants to pick off characters when they go into the bushes to
take a dump, wash  etc.

Players then notice GM taking more of an interest in exactly where the
characters are ('heck, we're miles away from the haunted castle, what's
going on?') and promptly stick together at all times (communal toileting
etc.). Anyway..........

I figure you'll only get to kill one before the party notices, so I just say something like

"hey Kroll, while you're off to relieve yourself -- roll 4d vs IQ to detect ambush"

and off we go.  My players all accept that since I let them assume they take care of necessities, they need to let me assume I can tell them when and how it occasionally occurs.


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