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Re: (TFT) toxicology

> Cas,
>    I'm adding these three to my mushroom toxicology listings.  Is it ok if
> use your language as is?

absolutely -my dad is polish and inherited alot of knowledge about wild
mushroom picking, and I have a zillion fungi books. Australia and NZ have a
whole host of different species but many northern hemisphere fungi have
hitchhiked into pine plantations here.........

The other one to think about is Claviceps purpurea (Ergot) which grows on
wheat and caused St Anthony's fire in soggy/cool years (the fungus has an
LSD analogue in it) - ?? -  lets say 2d6 +10 hours of hallucinations (3/IQ
to disbelieve, on any given turn character will be hallucinating 2 in 6 (DM
creativity called for here), plus 2d6 hours of strychnine related stomach
cramps (DX minus 2d6 if DX=1 character severely incapacitated and bedridden,
DX=0 is dead)
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