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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

Wow Charles, that was a fairly unequivocal post - I agree about internal
consistency - alot of TFT is balanced to the point that DMGII can make
calculations with it.

One way of making the game less lethal lies squarely with the GM - lets say
it is a starting labyrinth for 32 pt characters - if you stock aforesaid
labyrinth with a host of 32 pt orcs then the party will have to be
incredibly lucky to get through without a stack of retreats and heals or
dying or some other 'bridge' (like dead orcs with a stack of unused healing
potions). Playing a 'dangerous' game makes smaller beasties more dangerous
and useful and will I think lengthen the utilizabity of the exisitng TFT
rules without resorting to creating 28- and 56-hex hyperdragons and 200ST

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