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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

dwtulloh@zianet.com wrote:
Have you read any of the "RuneLords" series by David

Hehe.  No! I haven't.  I'm innocent I tell you, I
hadn't even heard of the series before.

Well obviously I'm hardly the first person to think
along these lines. :)

This 'loan me your healing' business also bears some
resemblance to the shared healing spell I put up a
few days ago.

The idea of using it at range is an interesting one.
An Evil Empire could use political prisoners as dedicates
to prop up the health of their invincible shock troops.
Or a Slightly Evil Empire could use normal prisoners.

Wouldn't you need the 'health' of a hundred men to
heal wounds instantly?  It seems that just having one
dedicate would double your healing, which is nice, but
hardly going to keep you alive in a fight.
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