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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

Stan writes:
dwtulloh@zianet.com wrote:
Have you read any of the "RuneLords" series by David

The idea of using it at range is an interesting one.
An Evil Empire could use political prisoners as dedicates
to prop up the health of their invincible shock troops.
Or a Slightly Evil Empire could use normal prisoners.

Except the way Farland has it worked out, endowments have
to be given willingly.
Wouldn't you need the 'health' of a hundred men to
heal wounds instantly?  It seems that just having one
dedicate would double your healing, which is nice, but
hardly going to keep you alive in a fight.

Yep ... the evil character in the series has an extremely
large number of endowments of metabolism (I forget the
actual number right now)  The evil character has a large
number of endowments of glamour, stamina and voice as
Lessee ... what other endowments does he allow?
sight         (gives distance vision, leaves dedicate blind)
glamour       (gives beauty, leaves dedicate ugly)
voice         (gives commanding voice, leaves dedicate mute)
stamina       (gives endurance, leaves dedicate almost lifeless)
metabolism    (gives speed, leaves dedicate in a coma)
hearing       (gives acute hearing, leaves dedicate deaf)
He also adds the idea of a endowments through a 'vector'.
If someone is a vector, they 'pass' their endowments to
the receiver of the vector.  Another interesting idea with
interesting consequences. check out www.runelords.com for more Dan =====
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