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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> I was getting all hepped up to argue with Charles about the TFT system
> necessarily implying a healing spell.  In fact, I had a lengthy post
> but then I realized something and deleted the entire post.  I think he's
> more right than wrong, and the reason is healing potion.

Gee, thanks, I think... ;-) Actually I would be most curious as to what it
was you were going to post.

> This focus on the Revival spell as the crux of the argument is misplaced.
> The Revival spell is indeed an esoteric matter that has much more to do
> with necromancy and spirits than physical healing.

I would partially disagree, here, but I will await your full rationale
before further commentary.

> There is a simple way to reconcile the contradiction, and I would adopt it
> if pressed on the matter by the players: make healing potion a chemical
> rather than alchemical potion.  This may sound a bit odd at first but
> consider that master physikers can make the stuff already.  Pardon me, I
> don't recall doctors commanding mighty mystical powers.

Agree fully with this approach; indeed, I have implemented this. More in a
later post, when I have thought through it in total.
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