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RE: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

Hi all,
	I believe it was Stan who wrote:

>There is a simple way to reconcile the contradiction, and I would adopt it
>if pressed on the matter by the players: make healing potion a chemical
>rather than alchemical potion.  This may sound a bit odd at first but
>consider that master physikers can make the stuff already.  Pardon me, I
>don't recall doctors commanding mighty mystical powers. 

	In my revision of Chemistry and 
Alchemistry I have made the Healing 
Potion a chemical potion.  The reason 
was that M. Physickers can make it.

	Now even with modern technology
we don't have a healing potion in real
life, so how do I justify low TL 
chemists managing it?  Magical 

	If chemists (with no magical 
ability) can make something even if they
use magical ingredients, then it is a
chemical potion.  If the potion maker 
must cast spells on the goop, then it is
an alchemical potion.

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