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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

As Stan wrote about alchemical vs chemical healing potions,
something occured to me.  I agree with his point, or at
least the point I thought he was making: given the existence
of an alchemical healing potion, a healing spell should be
However, if you want to change the healing potion from an
alchemical to a chemical one, then I would recommend that
the chemical version be used to SPEED the healing process.
In fact, such a potion would be better used to combat
systemic problems, such as infections or poisons.  Further
speed could be gained by applying a topical healing salve
(such as hurtloam).  Note that the chemical version may not
save the imbiber from death - its still possible to bleed
out! srydzews@ix.netcom.com writes:
I was getting all hepped up to argue with Charles about the TFT system necessarily implying a healing spell. In fact, I had a lengthy post ready, but then I realized something and deleted the entire post. I think he's more right than wrong, and the reason is healing potion. >snip< Really, a healing spell should be possible, and to judge from what a snap it is to make healing potion it probably shouldn't even be too difficult. >snip< There is a simple way to reconcile the contradiction, and I would adopt it if pressed on the matter by the players: make healing potion a chemical rather than alchemical potion.
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