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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

There is almost another way to deal with this, a 'logical' way even: since
no TFT spells use material components, postulate that the only way to
produce a magical effect that requires components is with a potion, and
that certain categories of effects (such as, oh, maybe HEALING) require
components by their nature, and hence exist only as potions.  Alas, the


The no healing spell cuts down on the all night cast & recast by the wizard
until everyone is back to full ST.

Maybe a compromise...
If you have a HEALING potion that repairs 1 ST, you could have a "booster"
healing spell that only works IF the wounded is drinking the HEALING potion
during spell.

So, the wizard throws in 6fST, the potion becomes 1d6 ST repaired that turn.
If the wizard blows the roll, the potion "unboosted" and remains 1ST repaired.

Alan Resmondo
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