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RE: (TFT) Why not GURPS? --> Because it sucks! (No, seriously...)

Ironically, he was wrong about the GURPS rules for
pop-up and snap shot attacks. A pop-up is at -6, with
no aiming allowed. GURPS rules don't allow even the
accuracy bonus of a weapon to be used unless a full
turn is spent aiming, before the turn of firing.
Same of course applies to sniper scopes, with the
additional restriction that the firer needs to be in a
braced position.

And, yeah, there are balance issues with unrealistically
skilled characters, and naturally with high-tech weapons.

And, yes, the GURPS system isn't designed to prohibit
unrealistic characters with minimax designs, although
there are some guidelines for reasonable characters,
including skill limits. One grey area though is that
different players have different ideas about what
realistic power levels are, and I tend to think the
system starts to break down a bit when the levels are
all really high. The published books are inconsistent
too, with books like Special Ops claiming all elite
troops are 150 to 400 point characters, while others
like the famous personalities books listing outstanding
historical figures with nicely restrained attributes
(a scale I think works far better, unless you want

TFT also breaks down a bit when you get high-point
characters and magic items.


At 10:13 PM 9/11/03 -0700, rsmith wrote:
        I ran a GURPS WWII campaign at a science
fiction con one year.  A PC had bought his sniper
/ rifle skills up to an unbelievable level and was
taking snap shots a Nazi's a giant distance away.
Because it was a snap shot, they had no real hope
to respond.

        I ruled, "you must expose yourself to get
the bonuses of your scope and talents at this long
range."  The player bitched, I was breaking the
RULES, he had mini-maxed by damn.  I held firm, (&
the party leader, a real life Lt. in the Canadian
army backed me up. (A real gentleman and not just
for helping the poor GM)).

        So the PC still blew away the Nazi's, but at
least I had them shooting back a bit before they
all died.

        But the only argument that held weight with
that PC was 'GURPS is not realistic in this
situation.  Yes the rule book says that, but it
was an oversimplification.'

        This PC had bought into the idea that GURPS
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