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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

Charles, if you think AW was a bit tacked onto melee, then the whole
religion bit in ITL is completely undeveloped (tacking some vague speil
about using chrisitanity etc.) . Anyway, comparing to D&D it is priests who
do the healing not wizards. Thus the same issue exists with wizards per se
not being able to do healing for much of the game.

Medicine is defintely not uniform. We can often cure leukaemia, peptic
ulcers and severe  bacterial infections but not the common cold or herpes .

I don't have a porblem postulating that maybe the force/spirit etc. behind
revival has the finesse of a spiritual or necromantic sledgehammer, it jsut
isn't neat enough to do neat little healing spells. Similar to, say, a
fireball in D&D which may fill small areas and cook a party - it just can't
be done smaller.

As I was sayin previously, if things are changed, options that enhance
roleplaying are attractive (eg: a spell of fST sharing - really trying to
spread your resources!)
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