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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

At 08:50 PM 9/11/03 +1000, Cas and Lisa \(also Silvia, Max & Viveka\) Liber wrote:
> Now even with modern technology
> we don't have a healing potion in real
> life, so how do I justify low TL
> chemists managing it?  Magical
> ingredients!

Well.......we sort of do, steroids help wounds heal quickly (say, 25-50%
quicker) - one of the reasons they are used in sports......

Steroids are extremely poor and side-effect-ridden compared to H.P.. If you take a ton of steroids, it'll mess you up, and if done after being hacked nearly to death, you certainly won't be "all good as new". If a GM replaced healing potion with realistic modern steroids, players would probably consider him sadistic. ;->

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