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RE: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT. --> SJ's thinking on healing.

Hi all, Charles.

>Let's take a step back here and consider that when Steve Jackson wrote AW
>did not necessarily cover all his bases, nor did he consider TFT ideal - if
>his subsequent GURPS is any indication...

	If we are speculating on SJ's thoughts
then I suspect that they went something like
this:  "D&D's fight / heal cycle sucks, I do
not want to model TFT healing after that.  I
don't really know what would be perfect,
leave it out for now..."

	When he made GURPS, he was trying to
differentiate GURPS from TFT, so the old game
having no healing was a bonus as far as he
was concerned.

	SJ thought TFT was a work in progress,
he was not planning on having a fight with
HT and heading off on his own.  I think it
quite likely he tried a few version of a
healing spell in his test campaigns, and
not being happy with them, put off committing
himself to print until he found something

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