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Re: (TFT) insanity

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley@swri.edu>

Nice work, and lots of it! I read through fairly fast, so I may have missed these but:

  Thanks a lot Mark.

Brain tumors? Affect behaviour, but not obvious externally. I think this may fit in with some of the Intracranial Infective Disorders or Cerebral disorder psychoses.

I'll have to look into that. I does seem like an obvious one to miss. In an unrelated comment, I wish I still had all the reference notes on the insanity table. I seem to have lost them. The table is the result of about three years of casual research. You know, a handful of weekends out of a year. I prefer to cite the sources when I can. It looks more 'scholarly' and helps suspension of disbeleif.

Migraine headaches? Same notation. I've seen these discussed elsewhere (handicap tables), but your framework is so nearly complete I'd like to see them put in as well.

Migrane headaches? Really? While this may be true (I'll dig into it) two things spring to mind. First I have found that people who read the insanity tables make comments like "I suffer from all of these." At which point I point out that they can rest assured that while everyone has tendencies similar to the insanities, after meeting someone with a full blow case, there is no doubt that they have gone too far and the rest of us are fairly stable. But Migranes. The few people I know who suffer from migranes are sane enough. And with asprin companies pushing their products there are a lot of people who suffer from headaches who think they are migranes. It just seems that Migranes are too comon in the popular mind. Putting them in the box with the other insanities may possibly drag too many sane people in with them.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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