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(TFT) critters for roleplaying

OK....was thinking of this as the kids were scratching themselves insanely
with headlice (aah the joys of parenthood....)

anyway, here goes....

There's this big swampy jungely area where the tribe of GMs choice (amazon
hobbits, xenophobic elves, whatever) and they are pretty canny, with
Naturalists and woodsmen. Anyway, there is also a natural pest in the
swamp - an elephantfly, which looks like a cross between a horsefly and a
mosquito, only the size of your fist or a bit bigger. It is ST 1 DX 15 IQ 1
bites for 1 damage (on a 4/DX roll, the 'fly Dodges the person's armour
(Stone Flesh immune) and spears with its proboscis. The turn after it bites,
the bite becomes extremely itchy; the victim must make a 4/IQ roll or do
nothing but scratch vigorously. This roll can be made every round. They are
very hard to hit - -7 (-4 for flying, -3 for being a little dodging critter)
Elephantflies are repelled by the sap of a plant (flywort) which grows
naturally in the swamp. (Naturalist or Woodsman has 4/IQ to find every 6
hours of looking). The tribe carries the flies around in wooden cages and
release them before engaging with enemies, having applied the sap so the
insects do not bite them.......................
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