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RE: (TFT) Why not GURPS? --> DMG and mini - maxing.

>    What follows is the confession of a bad GURPS player.  [Warning: my
>examples contain the worst kind of min-maxing]
>    In conclusion my accessment of what is wrong with GURPS is that
>character design is too flexible.  No one can really put 100% of themselves
>into any one thing.  I mean somewhere in their life they are going to have
>to cook their own meal, or go for a run, or cut wood, or something.  To
>imagine that someone could spend every waking moment doing nothing but
>and strike with a rapier is preposterous.  But, as is, GURPS not only
>it, but it puts players who make more well balanced characters at a
>disadvantage.  In a word, GURPS punishes anyone who does not min-max.
>   David Michael Grouchy II

	These stories remind me of a couple of
times I ran GURPS at SF cons.  Players called
me up and asked if they could prebuild
characters for the adventure.  I said yes.
Both times they so mini-maxed their
characters that they ruined the game for
other people.

	After that I said no.

	(Actually now that I think of it, I
didn't run GURPS at cons after that.)

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