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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT

Erol suggested:

low hit points is a poor way to deplict the *walking* wounded -

Not that I've ever been really wounded, but I have had the occasional broken bone, etc. How about this:

Day of a wound: ST - (wound value).
Next day: DX - (wound value); ST - (wound value) + 1
Day after: DX - (wound valune); ST - (wound value) + 2
Day = (wound value): DX - (wound value); ST back to normal
Day = (wound value + 1): DX - (wound value) + 1
Day = (wound value * 2): back to normal

The first day, you are still limber, but "brittle" - more wounds kill you.
After that, you "stiffen up" and can't move very well. Your ST returns first, at 1 ST/day, so that you get less "brittle" fast - but you are still pretty combat-ineffective from the stiffness (bandages, etc) and reluctance to stress the wound area. Once the ST is recovered, you begin to limber back up to your original self.

This is somewhat of a departure from canon, in that it brings DX into the picture long-term (rather than short-term) as a reaction to injury, but the character is "healed" in the same period.

If I were using Healing potions with this, I'd say if they are drunk the first day, they just reduce (wound value) immediately. If they are drunk after the first day, they put the character ahead 2 days (each) on the ST-then-DX track he's following.

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