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Re: (TFT) Oil lantern consumption

After several years of TFT, we decided that it'd be more balanced an interesting if practically all magic items had a life-span and/or chance of breakdown for each use. This helps both to limit economic effects, and also to help with balance problems from characters who are inseparable from their magical items (e.g. magic weapon, iron flesh ring, etc).

In the house rule we developed, most items would start out with a breakdown number of 18 (or the Wizard's IQ, whichever was less). Magic items would then have to be activated by the user, involving a roll against the breakdown number, a failure causing the item not to activate, and possibly to roll against the magic item breakdown table, with a number of dice equal to the amount by which the roll failed. The breakdown table was painless at the top, but could reduce the breakdown number of the item, so eventually items would wear out, and using an item with a low breakdown number would eventually become risky of serious malfunction. There were a few different classes of breakdown schedule for maintained use - I think magic weapons were per-swing, while something like a Light item would either be per day or just have a variable life-span.

Light items have several advantages over oil lamps, even if they are made not to last forever.

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