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Re: (TFT) Oil lantern consumption

> The oil lanterns had a capacity of about a half-pint of kerosene, 
> and burning a lantern well into the night hours would require a 
> refill a shade less often than every two days.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'well into the night', but if it's four 
hours then you're saying 8 hours per pint of oil, or about 18 hours 
per liter.  Modern lanterns may be more efficient, I don't know.  

But regardless its a good point.  A lot of the 'light' from a light item 
is wasted.  Say someone only uses it for three hours a day on the 
average.  Sure, they could get 8 hours of light out of it, but they're 
sleeping most of that time and the light item is in a drawer/oil lamp
is extinguished.  Makes the lantern a lot more competitive.

Mines, basements, and dungeons is where you'd get full 'value'
for a light item.  24 hours of useful light per day.

They're also nice for powder magazines. :)
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