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(TFT) Re:campaign history, random sampling of "lethality"

Hello All,
Here is the first version of my simplistic historical analysis.
The text looked clean as I typed it.... I know the email will wrap the text in
odd ways sometimes, so I will try to post short summaries.
I did a spread sheet and recorded;

Character name, race, sex, age, H or W,  ST, DX, IQ, MA, ATT Total, XPTS,
Cash, Hits stopped, date died, notes.

After removing the pure NPC types, the total number of characters were;

unknown     2
Centaur      1
Dwarf        4
Elf          7
Gargoyle     1
Giant       1
Half-Elf      4
Half-Orc    1
Hobbit      4
Human     114
Orc         2
Reptileman    8
Total 149
Now Orcs, Half elves etc. all start with 32 points, however for this first
run, I am using only the Humans for the rest of the stats below. Otherwise,
the results may be skewed.

of Humans
male 98
female 16
total 114

heroes 95
wizards 19
total 114

Of the females;
4 were Wizards
12 were Heroes

The 32 pointers averaged just over 41 points of experience.
Five 32 pointers died in the first skirmish, with zero experience points
Six of the females were in the 32 point club, with three of them in the zero
experience group.
This is interesting because all of these female characters were played by male
Starting ST for these six females were 8,8,8,9,9 & 10.
An indication of cultural (read male) bias for the "weaker sex" possibly?
Enough for now.  I will do some more data-mining later in the week.
Alan Resmondo
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