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RE: (TFT) One-Hex Fire - how much light? --> Fires are dark.

From: "rsmith" <rsmith@lightspeed.ca>

Hi Everyone, David MGII.
	A couple things that I did not see on your

	modern Coleman lamp.  (Fairly amazing tech actually.)

Yes, I found it frustrating that I couldn't find a torch anywhere. No data, no measurments. If I still had a light meter I would make one and take the readings myself.

	I don't think that after a few seconds a person
in a magical fire is disintegrated to ash, they just
have mortal burns.

I agree. I just figured that burning to death in a quarter minute was probably close to the temps needed to reduce to ash over hours. Sorry, I should have let the post cool off and edited it before I sent it.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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