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Re: (TFT) One-Hex Fire - how much light?

From: ErolB1@aol.com

Besides, I visualize a one-hex magical Fire as being equivalent to a large
campfire or small bonfire. Furthermore, by the book a liter of burning oil
(molotail) will produce a hex of fire that lasts 12 turns and acts exactly like a
magical Fire in terms of doing damage.

I did consider this, and I should have mentioned it. Heat and light are radiative and follow the inverse square of the distance. A molotov does 2 points to all adjacent hexes, due to 'splash' which is not radiation of heat, I know. But a magical fire does zero damage to adjacent hexes. I find this indicates a non radiative heat source. In fact this is probably what prejudiced my research to look for data that would pseudo support the dark fire theory.

Also, in my own work in estimating light from a fire, I used *lumens* rather
than lux. Lumens is a "pure" measure of the brightness of a light source,
while lux has the complicating factor of distance from the source.

Yes. I went with lux because it doesn't tell one how much it hurts their eyes to look into the light source but how much it lights up objects around it. And inverse square of the distance does cross the "this is not physics" line in TFT. I hope you could salvage some data from that post even if it was broken up by poor reasoning.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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