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(TFT) Collection sale phase 2 - Modules and Death Tests

The core rules sale went pretty well, so now I'll try the Modules and Death tests. They are as follows:

$12 Tollenkar's Lair...Good condition.

$15 Warrior Lords of Darok...Good condition.

$15 Forest Lords of Dihad...Good condition, some staple rust.

$10 MicroQuest #1  Death Test 1...Original counter sheet and book.

$10 MicroQuest #1  Death Test 1...Counters (cut, but reinforced), book  [I replaced with uncut counter sheet]

$10 MicroQuest #2  Death Test 2...Box (heavy wear), counters (cut,but
 reinforced), book 


Anyone who e-mails me through Sunday October 19th will be  included in the  drawings to purchase these items.  That should give everyone enough time to check their e-mails.  Then on Monday my wife will pick from a hat, and I'll contact everyone involved with the results.

Then I'll post, everything else - more micros and the interplays.

Sorry this is taking so long, have patience please.



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