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Re: (TFT) TFT question

I would hazard to guess that the white titled versions
(stock number on back lower corner) was the first
print run but I can not find anything online to
confirm it. (Steve Jackson will be at Necronomicon
here in Florida and I wanted to get the better copy of
ItL signed. If I had a 1st ed of Melee or Wizard I
would get that signed.)

--- John J Hyland <johnnyboytmm@juno.com> wrote:
> ED,
>     I noticed that as well.  My copies of ITL have
> white text and a stock number on the cover. 
> Similarly my copies of AM and AW have Yellow and Red
> text, respectively, and a stock number.  The copies
> of all three books that I am selling on the list
> have yellow text and no stock numbers, but all the
> same typos internally.  I assume it is just
> different print runs, since there was no further
> editing between the versions.  I imagine the yellow
> text, no stock number versions are the first print
> run, since they contain less detail (stock number).
> Is anyone out there familiar enough with the inner
> workings of Metagaming's print runs to shed more
> light on this?
> John

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