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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

> You compare the roll to the target's roll *only* in melee. So missile
> weapons and spells have the same chance to hit as before.

Right - my mistake - something else I mis-read the first time.

... with simultaneous resolution and no "if critical" clause, you'd
>> remove
>> TFT's chance for a high-DX character to kill opponents _before_ they
>> kill
>> him.
> Yep. Though in my experience, high DX fighters tend to have lighter
> weapons,
> all else being equal. Pretty hard to kill someone with a 1d foil...

True, though with TFT's sequence of events, there are some effects such as
DX penalties from injury, and knocking people down, that can make it a lot
less likely that they will hit you back, even if they survive (or they
might be already-injured). With simultaneous calculations, some of that
interesting cause & effect is lost. There are also some interesting
considerations of "whom should I attack?" which can depend on what happens
immediately beforehand. Also, If you always get to attack everyone you're
facing for free each turn, then there are no such decisions. If you're
trying to resolve a big battle of unimportant NPCs, the system could save
time, but for player characters, it takes some of their decisions and
tactical control away. Some players really like to be able to decide on
details of what they do in battle, and have it make a difference.

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