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Re: (TFT) An Even More Radical Re-Imagining of TFT...

---------- "Ty Beard" <tbeard@tyler.net> wrote:------------------
As the leading heretic in this email list*, I thought I'd run a new idea by
y'all that I've been toying with for TFT.

*To claim the title, I point to my suggestion to use polyhedrals in TFT...:-)


Also, it's very hard for highly skilled fighters to cut down large numbers of faceless hordes ala the Conan movies.

    I am the anti-heretic, pretty much playing TFT right outta the box.  I've adopted a resuscitation rule, so you might survive if reduced to 0 st, and added a couple of spells, other than that it is as written.

If you want your PCs to cut down hordes like Conan, while never being hit due to their defensive prowess, then your suggestion will probably work really well.

For me, there is a little more calculating than I go for, and getting to attack all 3 front hexes every turn is a bit more cinematic than I want.  I really like the small scale, simple dice rules, real easy to die from one hit, combat rules in TFT.  And in practice it has always worked real well for me and the gang.  Of course I LIKE that 3 farmers with clubs can threaten a PC, and probably kill him if he does not have his primary weapon on his person.  Nobody enters combat lightly that way.

In theory, I would like defending ability to be related to your skill with a sword, but in practice we have not missed it.

I think if I really wanted a system with a lot of Parrying, I would break down and learn GURPS well enough to run  a game.  And IIRC GURPS has cinematic rules to let you play Conan-like characters.

Anyway, cool idea, hope you and your players enjoy it, but it is not for me.  But it is good that you keep tweaking the rules.  But what are you going to do once you have made them perfect?


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