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(TFT) Pentagrams and arrows

	Another silly Pentagram question.

Suppose I have a watchtower, protected by a Permanent Pentagram. The elf on watch spies an intruder, snatches up his bow, and fires an arrow at the intruder. So:

If no magic, I assume the pentagram doesn't get involved at all.

What if the Bow is enchanted to +DX? I think of +DX on a bow as just meaning it helps the archer aim better - in which case the magic is done with when the arrow leaves the bow, and the pentagram won't affect it.

What if the Bow is enchanted to +Damage? I think of +Damage on a bow as just meaning it shoots harder, so again, it's just a plain arrow crossing the pentagram, so the archer still gets the bonus.

What if the bow shoots Flaming arrows? I think it would go out as it crossed the pentagram border, although this may be at variance with my opinions above on Bow enchantment.

What if the Arrow is enchanted to either +DX or +Damage? I think of these as little magic heat-seeking AIM-9 style fins on the arrow, or little turbo-boosters on the arrow, and I think the pentagram would shut those down as the arrow crossed its boundary, so it reverts to a plain arrow and the archer would not get either DX or Damage bonus from the arrow.

What if the Arrow came out of a Quiver of Replenishment? I assume it just wouldn't work to try to return it, since one can't teleport in/out of a pentagram.

What if the Intruder had a Reverse Missiles spell up? Does all that magic take place at the Intruder himself, or does Reverse Missiles actually have to guide the missile all the way back to its source? I think of it as just being a corner-cube reflector for arrows, with a little windage thrown in for gravity and drag, so that the Reversed Arrow would cross the Pentagram with no trouble and no change (since the pentagram stripped all magical effect from the arrow on the way out) and hit the archer.

	Comments? Better-informed opinions welcome as always.
					- Mark
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