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Re: (TFT) Test of general MELEE knowledge, NUMBER IV

>   Orc 3 says he can't.  He says the archer took a "last shot option", and
> according to the rules, not only does he not get a second shot but he HAS
> to drop his bow as well.
>   How would you rule?


My interpretation matches Orc 3.  You get one shot if "suddenly engaged", then
you drop the bow.

The 2nd shot is last, after all movement and attacks.  The archer shot once,
now that he is engaged, he drops the bow.

The Orc who tripped onto the body is ON the body, not hiding behind the body.
Purposely ducking behind a body while prone is -4DX.

The Orc is on top, "protecting" the body, it would be -4DX to hit the dead
body, not the guy on top.

Alan Resmondo
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