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Re: (TFT) Test of general WIZARD knowledge, NUMBER I.rtf

     "An Undine regains 4 dice of ST per turn if it enters a Magic
          -ITL page 58

     How would you rule?

Hello all,

Thanks to DMG for another great discussion,  I was late to the last one.

Assuming the wizard didn't fumble due to the distraction from casting multiple
class spells over a short period....
Assuming the elemental is in its humanoid female form..

I would approach it like this....

As the draining is likely uncomfortable, I would roll reaction each round a
drain occurs.  An attacking water elemental with a shower going could be bad.

If the wizard persisted, the "elemental stress" would doubtless be noticed by
other water elementals in the surrounding 100 km or so.  They would arrive
with a negative reaction roll.

The next of kin would find the classic "locked room with a puddle of water...
how did he die?"

Alan R.
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