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Re: (TFT) Test of general WIZARD knowledge, NUMBER I.rtf

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From: "Stan" <srydzews@ix.netcom.com>
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> > "Motion denied on grounds of being chickens**t. Further, the court
> > reprimands the player and penalizes him 25 ep for wasting the court's

> #2: As far as how I'd respond if this came up...it's just my opinion, but
these 'weasely' and 'chickensh' responses aren't for me.  This isn't D&D,
TFT is good enough that it can run with little GM fiat.  If there really is
an anomaly in the system I think it deserves attention within the system,
because ultimately a system that's internally consistent is much more
interesting and satisfying for everyone--in my opinion.  Of course I guess
it depends on the players.  I don't have such an adversarial relationship
with my players that they would actually propose the above seriously
thinking "Now I've got you, you wascally GM wabbit, now I have an
inexhaustable undine ST battery.  HAHA.".  If they did that sort of thing
I'd probably be more sympathetic toward a smackdown. :)  I can see one of
them pointing it out as a theoretical potential problem, though, and I
certainly wouldn't be mad about it if they did.  So maybe I'm spoiled, I
don't know.

Well, I probably should have made the point that my players and I have been
together for a couple of decades now. They might well try such a stunt just
to see the veins on my forehead pulse. And they wouldn't be too bothered by
my ruling because they know that they get far more breaks than adverse
rulings from me. Plus, I'd be worried that they'd lose repsect for me if I
let such a tactic succeed :-)

And I agree that the next step would be to correct the loophole (which
apparently doesn't exist in this specific example), when time permitted.

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