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(TFT) TFT modules on the web, modified TFT rules


I have a copy of Death Test, but wondered if any other
folks have produced this kind of module for TFT,
perhaps even in web form. I did find the excellent
stuff from David O. Miller. 

I used to play TFT in the 80s with a neighbor of mine,
whose "Aunt Mollie" would organize the games and often
be the dungeon master. She was none other than Mollie
Plants, author of "The Silent Chapel" (Dragon Magazine

We used to play with a set of modified Advanced TFT
rules, which had been published in some gaming
magazine. My memory fails me, but I recall there was a
second stat for each ST/DX/IQ that allowed for more
realism. For example, ST determines what kind of
weapon you could wield, but the second complementary
stat for ST determined how much damage you could take
(or spell points a wizard could use). IQ was the same,
the second stat being a sort of skill points. I'd be
curious to find the reference to those variant rules
again, as I thought it was a good system, all those
years ago.



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