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(TFT) RE: What's the best starting character in Melee?

There was once a discussion thread about the "best"
starting character in Melee.

I decided to answer the question statistically, at
least partially, by writing a simulation in Java. I've
tested it out, and it seems to be pretty accurate.
However, it's simplistic -- it only simulates the
hack-and-slash of two engaged characters, to the
death. No missile weapons, no charge attacks, no
defending. If you drop/break your weapon, you can't
change weapons (the only thing that saves you is if
your opponent also drops/breaks, resulting in a draw).

I put the results on the web. I compiled today 98
different character types, pitted one against the
other, in 100-game samples! The results seem to make
sense, although I've not spent much time considering
the surprises.

I started the Java part a while back, and finally got
around to finishing the simulation.


Sorry if the URL wraps! Sorry if it doesn't look good
in a browser that's not IE. If you ask nicely, I can
take the time to re-do the page so it's more HTML
neutral, if it's really a problem. I generated it
straight from MS Excel, as I used it for sorting and
compiling of the results.


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