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(TFT) GM's Eyes Only - The Caves of the Goblin Lord redux...

This is the rewrite. It should at least provide a bit of a challenge. Note
that I have not provided a map, but the description should make it possible
for any GM worth his/her/its salt to come up with a suitable map.

Feel free to rewrite further if you so desire! It is not truly complete
(some of the Goblin's talents could be better fleshed out, for example)
though close enough to be playable. I wrote this to tie in loosely with
Cidri and Tollenkar's lair. Little attempt has been made to gauge the danger
level, either. While I suspect a usual group of 4-6 beginning characters
would do all right, I'll let you all be the final arbiters. If you use it,
let me know how it goes!

And without further adieu...

*********The Caves of the Goblin Lord**********

Original Author Dan Goodsell (originally printed in Pegasus #6)
Rewritten and expanded by Charles Gadda

T'Urgarth Canigli, a goblin chieftain, raided villages in the Duchy of Dran
for years, until Duke Dran personally led an expedition to trap and destroy
him. T'Urgarth barely escaped with his life, and all of his bandit followers
and trained wolves were slain. This was about 4 years ago - but now there
are reports that T'Urgarth has returned, and is once again raiding in Duchy.
Your group of adventurers has been hired to find and destroy or capture
T'Urgarth and his band once and for all.

GM's Background
T'Urgarth escaped from the ambush by virtue of skill and cunning, not to
mention luck. After hiding out in Huldre forest for a time, he was captured
by Little Kess and ultimately brought to Tollenkar's attention. The latter
decided that it might be of use to him to help T'Urgarth, and let him
recruit a small band, and act as another thorn in the side of Duke Dran. To
this end he has contributed information, weapons, gold, and even magical
training and items to aid this unusually apt goblin, whom he as grooming as
a successor to Little Kess, should the need ever arise.
Even more important is the fact that T'Urgarth is one of Count Canigli's
numerous relations; Tollenkar hopes to use T'Urgarth to stir up yet more
trouble in Dran, though this is a sort of side plot that has not been acted
on to any great measure.

T'Urgarth, for his part, wishes to regain his lost power base. With
Tollenkar's help, he has reestablished a new hideout (the old one, naturally
was revealed after some of his captured bandits were tortured, and was
subsequently raided)

However, Tollenkar intended T'Urgarth to raid to the south, in Tanander, and
is displeased with T'Urgarth's raids into Dran, though since the use of
magic by T'Urgarth was kept minimal and subtle it has not jeopardized any of
Tollenkar's plans.

1. Cave Entrance and Lookout post
There is one goblin on watch at all times (Hathar: ST10 DX11 IQ10 MA10 Horse
Bow (adjDX14), Hammer, Dagger and Small Shield. Talents: Missile Weapons,
Bow, Shield, Ax/Mace, Knife, Tracking) accompanied by a wolf (ST10 DX14 IQ6
MA12 Bite 1d+1 Fur 1hit). The shaded hexes are a spiked barricade that will
inflict 1d damage on anyone charging through without stopping in the hex.
Also, the cave mouth provides 1/2 cover for the goblin, who will pepper the
party with arrows as they approach, and then ring a bell to warn his
comrades and flee into area 2. Hathar wears a silver ring worth 10 sp.

2. Watcher's Bedroom
There are two off duty lookout goblins in here:
Az'lar (ST9 DX13 (12) IQ10 MA10 Small Bow, Rapier, Dagger, Cloth armor;
fights in melee with sword and dagger. Talents: Sword, Bow, Thief, Swimming,
Recognize Value, Alertness) Necklace worth 20sp
Corthal (ST10 DX10 IQ11 MA10 Horse Bow, Cutlass, Small Shield. Talents: Bow,
Sword, Shield, Missile Weapons, Physicker. Two rings worth a total of 35 sp.
And one more wolf (same stats as wolf in area 1) all asleep in here. They
will awake either when the bell is rung or if there is a loud enough fight
at the entrance to wake them up (GM's discretion). There are a total of
three cots covered with furs in here, along with a brazier, coal, some food
(tack, jerky, and a few apples), a jug of whiskey (for medicinal purposes),
an urn with drinking water, and a physicker's kit (which belongs to the
group's "doctor" - Corthal). If the bedding is searched, a total of 22
copper and 8 silver will be found. If the small chest containing the
physicker's kit is carefully searched, a compartment will be found in the
bottom (4d vs IQ) containing three doses of healing potion.

The goblins will conduct a fighting retreat towards (4), hoping
reinforcements will arrive.

3. Mining room.
There are an assortment of picks, shovels, and other masonry tools in here,
most in poor but somewhat serviceable condition. There are also some crudely
shaped stones in here, as well.
This is an attempt by T'Urgarth to build these natural caves into a
fortified stronghold. Unfortunately, none of his followers are masons
(indeed, only a few of his men have any useful skills) and so the project
has not gotten far. However, T'Urgarth plans on capturing a few masons on
his next raid into Dran, and with their forced labour fortify these caves.
Indeed, if the party is repulsed, and spends more than a week away, they may
well return to find the cave with a barrier wall at the entrance (in this
respect T'Urgarth is a little crazy: obviously a dedicated small army,
complete with wizards, could storm in rather easily - a likely outcome
should any players escape and spread word of the goblins' whereabouts)

4. Hobgoblin room.
There are a total of six brutish hobgoblins in here. They are the backup
muscle of this bandit force, and, with a lieutenant, guard the caves while
the rest of the band raids. Each is ST 11, DX 8, IQ7 Spears (used two
handed). Their quarters are rude, and they have no treasure. But they are
kept well fed (for hobgoblins) and given a generous supply of watered down
ale and wine, which keeps them content.

5. Supply room and spring
There is a natural spring in here which supplies water for the band. Also,
food supplies are stored here.

6. Privy
Stream passes through here and provides a natural "facility". There is also
a sinkhole in one corner that trash gets thrown into. What the goblins don't
realise is that, were one to squeeze down into this hole, one would find a
whole larger set of caverns underneath, leading to a much larger (and more
interesting) Labyrinth (note: this is up to the GM, and can be "cut off" if
there is no desire to build a larger series of tunnels here).

7. Goblin room
There are 8 goblins in here - ST10 DX10 IQ10 MA10 Javelins, Hammers, Small
Shields (all have thrown weapon talent - adjDX 12 for the javelins when
thrown). This is the bulk of the bandit force. They will throw a volley of
javelins into the enemy and then charge in with hammers and shields. There
is d6 silver on each.

8. Orc room
Grakkus One Eyed (ST13 DX13(10) IQ8 MA8 Morning Star, Small Shield, Chain
Mail, Fine Dagger +1 damage Talents: Axe/Mace, Shield, Knife, Pole Weapons,
Running) claims this room for his own. He is big and ill-tempered and does
not like the goblins much but is willing to stay for a share of the loot. He
is not called "one-eyed" without cause - he lost an eye to an arrow a couple
years back. This has the effect of giving him -4 to hit with thrown/missile
attacks and his left side hex is treated as a rear hex for combat purposes.
Compared to most of the rest of the group, he lives somewhat luxuriously. He
has an actual bed with fine bedding (now soiled, but could be cleaned and
sold for $10), a tapestry hanging on one wall (worth $40), and a small table
that is a bit battered but made of fine hardwood and worth $60. Wears $115
worth of silver arm rings, and has 82 silver and 54 copper coins in his
pouch. There is also a brazier in here, and a spit over it roasting some
mutton. A small keg of ale is on the table.

9. Cave painting room
There are cave paintings in here, of the primitive sort one finds in the
Pleistocene on our Earth. Most depict the typical hunting scenes of taking
down various animals (mammoths, irish elk, sabretooth tigers, etc.) but a
closer look (4/IQ if just glancing at the paintings, automatic if anyone
takes the time to examine in detail) will allow the examiner to notice
paintings of a far more disturbing nature, depicting human sacrifice to
strange, dfmonic beings painted all too realistically. Needless to say the
common soldiers do not like this place at all, and will not go in here for
any reason, even to retreat from a superior force (bluntly, they fear what
they sense is in here, and would rather be slain in battle. Only T'Urgarth
will venture in here, and even he is uneasy). There is a spiritual presence
in this room that is hostile to intrusion. Anyone spending more than a
minute in here will begin to notice "odd" things - a hint of movement at the
very periphery of vision, faintly audible sounds (the faint echo of
footfalls, pebbles falling, distant whispers, all quite unnerving in the
"hairs raising on back of neck" sort of manner), and the like. It is
impossible to be at ease in here, much less sleep. Any attempt to damage or
destroy the paintings will cause a malignant spirit to manifest and attack
anyone in the room (treat as a Night Gaunt with ST24, DX11, IQ6). It was to
this foul being that the ancient peoples who dwelt here made sacrifice in
exchange for regional dominance. Eventually the other tribes revolted and
drove off or sacrificed the members of this evil tribe.

10. Loot room and armoury
There is approximately $1500 worth of trade stuffs in here (spices, furs,
cloth, alcohol, etc.) but it will take a horse drawn cart to haul it out. In
addition, there are 8 spears, 2 battle axes, 4 shields, 82 arrows (for small
and horse bows only) 5 hatchets, and a single broadsword in here. Nothing
special or magical here.

11. Lieutenant's room
The two lieutenant's lair in here:
Y'tharra the Claw (ST11 DX11(9) IQ11 MA8 Short Sword, Small Shield, Leather,
Dagger (Talents: sword, shield, tactics, UC I, Silent Movement)
Uluk the Fang (ST10 DX13(11) IQ10 MA10   Naginata, Leather, Dagger (Talents:
Pole Arms, Naginata, Running, Knife, UC I)
They are cousins, and pretty ruthless. Both are skilled bravos and delight
in fighting, though not losing. In a pinch they will cut and run and abandon
their comrades to their fate. Each has roughly $100 apiece in coin and

12. Goblin Lord's Room
T'Urgarth Canigli (ST12 DX12 IQ14 MA10 Staff, silver dagger. Talents/Spells:
Literacy, Sleep, 4 hex Illusion, Reverse Missiles, Rope, Dazzle, Summon
Wolf, Aid, Lightning, Staff, Spell Shield, Stone Flesh, 3 hex fire,
Pet Dire Wolf (ST16 DX12 IQ5 MA12, Bite 2 dice, fur stops 1 hit.

13. Choice loot room
There is actually a crudely fabricated door that seals off this room. It has
a large, iron padlock on it (4/DX to pick). This is where T'Urgarth keeps
the choicest loot, in a stout, iron bound oak chest. The chest is trapped
with a poison needle 4/IQ to spot 3/DX to disarm. Inside are 148 gold
pieces, 6 gems of 1dx$100 value each, and a magical dagger +1 to damage. In
the back of the room, naturally concealed by rock formations (3 vs IQ to
spot) is a narrow tunnel that leads to an underground stream and tunnel that
ultimately goes 250 yards away from here to a narrow exit. This is
T'Urgarth's secret escape tunnel. The hobgoblins (too stupid to understand
what they were digging) made it just wide and tall enough for a goblin.
Taller folk will have to stoop as they go in: -2 to DX and MA. Just at the
entrance to the escape tunnel a backpack hangs from a spike driven into the
cave wall. It contains food, rope, rations, a blanket, and various other
gear needed for survival in the wilderness, along with 100 silver pieces.
This is his "escape" pack, in the event things go poorly. Note that if the
opportunity permits, he may try to get the lieutenants to retreat with him,
but he will abandon the hobgoblins, other goblins, orc and wolves to their
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