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Re: (TFT) Help Delivered - The Caves of the Goblin Lord

This is a rewrite I did of an adventure that appeared in "Pegasus" magazine
many years ago. The author was someone named Dan Goodsell, and I can only
guess that he was in junior high or even elementary grade school given the
childish nature of the adventure (why the editors even allowed it to be
published seems a little puzzling - but maybe they just wanted to encourage
young writers. Kudos for that!). The backstory for the adventure says alot
about it right away:

"A short time ago there was a great Goblin that commanded a large group of
Goblins. His fame was great, but in the end he was driven back to lurk in a
subterranian abode. For 15 years nothing was heard of him, then rumors of
his return began to circulate. You are a group of adventurers that set out
to enter his caves and to kill him"

It goes downhill from there. The opposition in the goblin caves consists of
the following:

Three 25-26 attribute goblins warriors
One standard wolf
One 33 attribute orc
One giant rat (with ST2, DX11, IQ1 (!), MA8 bite for 1d-2)
The Goblin Lord (ST12, DX 7 (!!!), IQ 14, no armor, but he is a wizard with
a few spells. It is to be noted that for a missile spell he does not even
have lightning or fireball, but only magic fist...)
And finally, one standard bear.

The opposition, put bluntly, is a joke, especially when you consider that
they are spread out over several rooms, and do not appear to have a plan of
cooperation! A pair of beginning characters, or one decent 36 point
adventurer, could clean this place out fairly easily.

I was quite disappointed when I read the adventure, since the sole reason I
had gotten this Pegasus issue was for the TFT adventure. But then the idea
came to me, "What would it take to turn this into an interesting and
challenging adventure?"

And so the gears were set turning - the results of which will be seen in the
next post...
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