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Re: (TFT) Pole weapon users must charge 3 hexes in a straight line rule.

In a message dated 5/3/2004 1:26:40 PM Central Daylight Time, 
david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com writes:

>>From: David Miller <djmiller@i-2000.com>
>>My solution was to have pole weapons in a charge attack do an extra
>>D6 worth of damage instead of the double damage that the original rules
>>call for.
>>Comments? Good or bad? Stick it to me! (Pun intended.)
>     I can only think of one way to describe this.  "The way TFT should have 

>been written in the first place."

My own rules are a bit more complicated. IMC, a "charge attack" takes a -1 Dx 
penalty in exchange for a bonus to damage: +1 pt for an ordinary melee 
weapon, +1d for a one-handed pole weapon, or +1d+1 for a two-handed pole weapon. 

The charge attack may be a one-hex lunge toward the target, but in all cases 
the attacker must move through the minimum number of hexes possible when 
closing with the target. (I.e. a high-MA figure 3 hexes away may not circle around 
to "charge attack" from the rear.) Otherwise the moving attacker makes an 
"ordinary" melee attack with no Dx penalty & no damage bonus. 

A pole-weapon user may also "set & attack," provided he doesn't move. This 
either gives a damage bonus (+1d-1 for a 1-hand pole wpn; +1d for a 2-hand) or 
else allows the pole weapon user to force a retreat even if the target makes a 
successful hit himself. The target gets to choose whether to retreat or not - 
except that a target who made a charge attack himself cannot choose to 

Note that my "set & attack" doesn't have a Dx penalty or bonus, and can be 
used against an adjacent figure - IMC a pole weapon can be used to stand ones 
ground and "force" an opponent back (on pain of extra damage if the opponent 
doesn't take the hint). 

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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