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Re: (TFT) RE: What's the best starting character in Melee?

At 11:05 -0400 5/3/04, Christopher Fuhrman wrote:
There was once a discussion thread about the "best"
starting character in Melee.

Cool! Thanks for putting that together, it's a pretty neat resource.

Pole weapon modification sounds like an important improvement. My experience was that ST11 DX13 Spear was the man to beat in our tournaments, but that relied on the charge-attack double-damage (and that was with 1+2 spears, back in the old days). I agree that a non-pole-weapon user will wait out the pole weapon guy until he charges, losing the +2 DX bonus.

Much more complicated to code, but our battles usually had the pole-weapon guy disengage for a second charge-attack rather than hanging around and poking. Is that practical to put in?

Armor is pretty interesting in these results. It almost looks like armor/shield should be applied to take DX to 10 or 11 but no lower (ah, love that bell-curve). My feeling was that it was most useful against HtH or missile-weapon attacks (or "specials" like fire, etc.) but this argues that it's *always* a good idea for the small, quick guys. That's a surprise to me, I'd thought the first-blow advantage was more important than the protection, and usually left my small guys unarmored to be sure they'd act first. Live and learn (or, be forcibly educated, as luck may have it....).

Thanks Chris! Oh, and very readable in Mac OSX/Safari (but I'm thinking envious thoughts about CharacterLab :-( ).

					- Mark
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