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(TFT) Pole weapon users must charge 3 hexes in a straight line rule.

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 08:52, Peter von Kleinsmid wrote:
> ... Where does that rule come from? (I don't see it
> in the Pole Weapons section of Advanced Melee on
> pages 12-13.)
> PvK

	This rule was in the 3rd edition of basic 
Melee.  (Which I've lost, sadly.)  However, in 
Interplay #7 William D. Gustafson refers to the rule 
change.  In his TFT: Pole Weapons article which 
summarized the rules for pole weapons, (and gives 
some suggestions to tone them down) he wrote:

   "...If the pole weapon user and the target were 
not adjacent anytime from the beginning of the turn 
thru the pole weapon user's attack, then the pole
weapon does double damage.
   This is been modified in the current [edition of]
Melee to require a movement of at least 2 hexes,
with the last 2 hexes moved being in the same 
direction to simulate the 'rush'. ..."

   (I took the wording to say that you must START
3 hexes away, with the 2 closing hexes being in a
straight line.  I called this the 3 hex charge rule
or the 3 hex straight line charge attack rule when 
talking to my players.)

   He goes on to say that he thinks that rather than
hitting into any front hex, the rules should have
been written so that you must strike into your
center front hex only.  Then he says, that to get 
the *2 damage in HIS campaign the pole weapon user
must have done a charge attack AND started 3+ hexes
away from the target.  This avoids fiddly details 
with the hex grain.

   Regards, Rick
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