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Re: (TFT) RE: What's the best starting character in Melee?

At 06:41 PM 5/2/04 -0500, Neil Gilmore wrote:
> The lack of charge attacks of course
> penalizes the polearm users.

Should be easy enough to code around.

Just give them the first attack and double damage in the first round.

(cough) And +2 DX.

> The only thing I found a bit surprising
> was the high success rate of the no-armor
> heavy-weapon guys (2-hsd and battleaxe).
> I think that might partly be due to the
> number of inefficient characters they
> faced.

I'm not finding it all that surprising.

Take the highest on the list, ST14, DX 10, 2 hand sword.

If he has the high DX, and gets the first shot, he'll hit half the time.
Average damage is pretty high, and likely to put some DX hurt or worse on
his opponent. All he has to do is survive the first shot against the others
without penalty, and it's the same in those bouts. Never underestimate the
DX penalty.

You're right. It was just my memory from campaign play that actual characters like that don't tend to survive very long. Folks with big weapons and no armor tend to get targeted more, for one thing.


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