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Re: (TFT) RE: What's the best starting character in Melee?

At 04:55 PM 5/2/04 -0400, Stan wrote:
Interesting.  Hm, but given that:


has 72% wins, and:


(the same guy but no armor) has 75% wins, I
think perhaps a larger sample size is needed.

I doubt it. My money's on the guy who usually
hits, over the guy who only hits 50% but soaks

I think a similar guy with a large shield and
no armor might do better than either of them.

The numbers match my built-in mental combat
calculator acquired by playing TFT a lot.
(That's one of the main reasons I switched
to GURPS, where there are more options and
circumstances that aren't predictable.)

The lack of charge attacks of course
penalizes the polearm users.

The only thing I found a bit surprising
was the high success rate of the no-armor
heavy-weapon guys (2-hsd and battleaxe).
I think that might partly be due to the
number of inefficient characters they

One also should remember that these are
one-on-one fights, so survival power in
the long run, or in larger groups, may
be a bit different.

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