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RE: (TFT) A Problem of Time and Distance in Melee/TFT

>>From: "Charles Gadda" <cgadda@earthlink.net>
>      "Dragons CAN fly.  The speeds given here do not reflect the dragons
> full cross-country flying speed.  The first number given under MA is the
> dragon's ground MA; the second is his flying MA _in combat._  A dragon
> flying cross-country is at least four times as fast as a horse."
>          - ITL page 53.
>      So out of combat it is officialy granted that dragons fly four times
> faster than their listed MA.  Their listed MA being about equal to a
> horses.

It's not clear to me if the last sentence is referring to the horse's
speed going cross-country, or the horse's speed in combat. My first
impression was it was the former.

Sources I remember about horses said that they didn't really average much
faster than humans, for sustained travel without accumulating fatigue.
What they do do is reduce the human's fatigue, and of course if you are
willing to wear out your horse, you can make better time. Hence _stage_
coaches, pony express, etc.

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