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How many people are running campaigns using more than the basic ST DX and IQ stats??
I run with
ST-Weapon use and damage
CN Constitution--Hpts and Fatigue, poison resistance
DX-Hand-Eye coordination
IQ-What's known and knowledge "level"
WL Willpower and resistance
Ap Appearance... a 2d6 rolled stat.
You can add to all except Ap, "talent" points are IQ+3 and go up one when IQ is increased and 1/3 when any other stat is increased. Starting character is 64 points etc. I have saving throws and magic resitance, fear, active parrying, blocking and evading. Contested success rolls.... I did a lot of this stuff in 81-83 and have been having a kick going through my old notes and campaign world...just found my rules on chariot use. Currently I am introducing a group to the joys of a twenty year dead rpg. Still is the best though.


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