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Re: (TFT) Re: attributes

From: ErolB1@aol.com

Main Gauche (1)
Spear Throwing (1) - free with Pole Weapons if IQ 8+
Tool Weapon (1, 2 or 3)

Musician (1) - free with Bard
Storyteller (1) - free with Bard

Prestidigitator (2)

Architect/Engineer/Shipbuilder (2)

Very interesting list. It's a complete shift of emphasis, yet almost feels the same as cannon. I don't think two characters made from the different lists; one from cannon, and one from your list, would find each other strange at all. In fact two players who made their characters, one from each list, would probably not be able to tell if they played in the same campaign together. Yet the talent list represents a completely different world view. The " Storyteller (1) - free with Bard" tickles a part of my brain. I have always felt that when TFT came out, most of the talents represented entire character classes in AD&D. For instance an elf could be a fighter/cleric/theif. In TFT a character could have sword,physicker, and theif, and all for a measly 6 points. Thus TFT can do far more than just offer multi-class. Now that AD&D has entered it's 3rd edition of bloat, to compare it to TFT is best done by saying; one talent in TFT is an entire book in AD&D. Or in the Case of the whitewolf, one talent in TFT contains and entire game system. The storyteller system. Which as you show above, is but a meer part of the bard talent. Also, as a last comment, your merger of architect/builder (granted an already merged concept), with Engineer and Shipbuilder reflects a bit more than just convienence for the players. "Architect/Engineer/Shipbuilder (2)" says that not only have all the rpg's published since TFT neglected this area, but there have been no compelling rules on building published at all. The making of a arch, a sail, or an engine may as well be one talent for 2 points. And to tell the truth, my experience of what players want, and try to do in rpg's, this is a realistic position to take.

Here is an example of what I mean by a Talent in TFT is an entire book or system in another game. Instead of the disquise talent as listed try the following. In this case one talent can be stretched to cover an entire genera, that of the super hero.

IQ 10
Disguise (2): The character is a vigilanti or secret hero who only appears in disguise. No one knows who they really are, not even close personal realations. The character cannot allow themselves to be captured so they should be very selective in choosing their fights. The public persona will develope its own reputation and reaction bonuses or minuses completely independant of the characters mundane job and race. If this talent is used by a monster it works the other way around. They can disguise themselves into the mundane work force concealing their true nature as a monster. A favorite of demons, and shapeshifted dragons.

    David Michael Grouchy II

p.s. does  Prestidigitator (2) give one access to all the spells?

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