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(TFT) slimes for DMGII

>      Anyone got a slime to share?
>      David Michael Grouchy II

..................thanks for the plug. Go to
http://members.ozemail.com.au/~casliber/tft/nuisance.html and scroll
down.....aww heck, too many keys to press. Here:

Black Slime
ST:12-20 MA:4
DX:1 Armour:0
These beasties generate electricity at a rate of 2 pts per turn. There is a
1 in 6 chance for an adjacent figure to be affected by an electrical bridge
(2 in 6 for those in metal armour and 3 pts damage). They also emit a
hydrogen cloud which may explode for 1+1 damage in the slime's megahex,
doing 1-1 to the slime itself, once every 6 turns. They are affected by fire
(at -1 damage/die) and cold and are immune to weapons and lightning.

Blue Slime
ST:12-20 MA:2
DX:1 Armour:0
These slimes live in cold, damp areas. They have a strong alcohol-like
effect, freezing and numbing flesh for 2 ST/turn, with -1 DX penalty
cumulative per turn after 1st. There is a 1 in 6 chance of frostbite per
limb with a 2 in 6 chance of losing one. A physicker can stop this with a 4
dice vs. IQ roll. Fire does double damage to blue slimes, they are immune to
lightning and weapons.

Blunderbuss Slime(Tony Merlock)
ST: 10 MA 1
DEX: 1 (12 for spore-firing) Armour:0
This feared form of slime is a dusty grey in color with numerous black
spots. Every other round it can fire spores as a blunderbuss at AdjDX 12.
Each spore costs 2fST to fire. If destroyed by fire, it will explode as a

Orange (phosphorous) Slime
ST:12-20 MA:2
DX:1 Armour:0
These glowing, orange slimes radiate heat from the white phosphorus they
contain. They attack for 2 pts burning damage and are affected by cold,
lightning and weapons.

Purple Slime
ST:12-20 MA:2
DX:1 Armour:0
These alkali-based slimes inflict 3 points per round. They are killed by
acid, cold and lightning, being immune to weapons. They reproduce after
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