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RE: (TFT) Re: attributes

From: John J Hyland <johnnyboytmm@juno.com>

I run my game almost exactly as written. 3 stats, 32 pts, etc. I am a big fan of TFT's simplicity.

Not sure if this is of any interest or not. In the course of writting the character_lab program I discovered a couple of surprises about "purist TFT."

The following are encouraged
    Inventing new spells (seen quite a bit of this on brainiac.com)
    Inventing new potions (only seen about 2 on brainiac.com)
Inventing new magic items (seen few, but very exotic ones, on brainiac.com)

Also ITL says "you'll want to make your own monsters." And there have been tons of this on the news group. In fact quite a bit of quality work has been done on Pokemon creatures on Cas Liber's web site. And many darker things have been introduced as well. Like Stan's demon tables.

But there are two points I found where the news group and it's members as a whole have gone in the opposite direction of a "purist TFT" point of view. The first is in new talents. TFT doesn't actually encourage new talents of any kind. But It seems like more new talents have been introduced than all of the above combined. And lastly there is this little nugget from the section on slimes. "There are many different kinds of slimes (and every GM will come up with his/her own)." Not only have I never seen a new slime introduced in the news group, I don't beleive one has appeared in everything ever published on TFT. Not one.

    Anyone got a slime to share?
    David Michael Grouchy II

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