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Re: (TFT) A Problem of Time and Distance in Melee/TFT

From: Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net>

   6 hexes = 8m
   1 hex = 8/6m = 1 1/3 m

Which is exactly what AM says. This seems consistent and like the simplest and most useable interpretation.

Once again, absolutely right. Taking a second look (should have in the first place), I see that 5 hexes traverses 2 MH but does so by exiting into the left wall. So to speak. To go from the center of a MH to the center of one 2 MH away is a 6 hex trip.

Now Dan has mentioned 3D hexes. Myself I make a hex just as tall as it is across. So a 1.8 m human (6 foot tall) is about 2 hexes tall, and a giant is 5 meters tall (about 17 feet) or right at 4 hexes in height.

> all these fiddly numbers. Someone should tell a story to lighten things up <

I also continue the honey comb pattern into the third dimension. If you cover a table top with marbles, and then cover that with another layer of marbles, the second layer lines up with the intersections of the first. That is to say the center point of your hex, where your characters' feet are is directly below the intersection point of 3 hexes, where your characters' head is.

    David Michael Grouchy II

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