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Re: (TFT) A Problem of Time and Distance in Melee/TFT

>      Now Dan has mentioned 3D hexes.  Myself I make a hex just as tall as
> is across.  So a 1.8 m human (6 foot tall) is about 2 hexes tall, and a
> giant is 5 meters tall (about 17 feet) or right at 4 hexes in height.
>      I also continue the honey comb pattern into the third dimension.  If
> you cover a table top with marbles, and then cover that with another layer
> of marbles, the second layer lines up with the intersections of the first.
> That is to say the center point of your hex, where your characters' feet
> is directly below the intersection point of 3 hexes, where your
> head is.

Well .... thats fine for game terms, but mathematically its a disaster.
just arent many regular solids you can build game paterns on.  Square grids
work well for 2D boards ... but in 3D, cubes are the only real option you

Course, if you're willing to abandon regular solids, there's all kinds of
things you can do  -   but the easiest would be a 'hexagonal' cylinder - the
horizontal cross section is a hexagon, the vertical cross section is

Personally, I think you could get away with saying that a TFT hex is about
10 feet tall and let it go at that.  As a matter of fact ...

AW says the following:   "SHADOW (C) Fills one hex with totally black
shadow, extending some three meters into the air ..."   So there you have
canon says that the "height" of a hex is 3 meters, or approx 10 feet.

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