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(TFT) Worldbuilding question

This isn't a TFT question per se, but rather a worldbuilding question about 
the world in which I set my TFT game. 

I have a bunch of minor kingdoms, modeled loosely on Italian city-states or 
German principalities. Most of them have populations in the 20,000-30,000 
range: One town of 2000-3000 and the rest in farming villages with populations of a 
few hundred each. 

My question is: How much government would these kingdoms have? How many 
ministers, how many minions, how many royal servants, etc.?

What I've got so far is: 

- Ruler and immediate family (spouse, children, maybe an unmarried younger 
sibling or widowed parent)

- A handful of henchmen/ministers/privy counselors

- A "Lord Mayor" who may be either the king's viceroy wrt the town, or the 
town's representative in the king's court. 

- A "town watch" of 4-6 men

- A "Royal Guard" also of 4-6 men - these will be elite fighters who serve as 
the ruler's bodyguards. (Sort of a miniaturized version of the King's 

- A handful of rural nobles who spend most or all of their time away from 
town rusticating. 

- Ambassadors on an ad-hoc basis - if the king needs to negotiate with a 
neighbor, he'll send an ambassador & party (adventure fodder!), but it won't be a 
regular, full-time position. 

- One to two dozen servants for the royal palace/family itself, plus extra 
servants for the various lords & ministers. 

- Several dozen very minor nobles/landed knights. Half sworn directly to the 
king, and the other half to the rural nobles. They'll spend most of their time 
administering to their manors & estates, but can be called up in case of war

- Additional Minions. This is my question: What kind & how many?

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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